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Bullet and Egg Vibrators

What are Bullet and Egg Vibrators?

Bullet and Egg vibrators are discreet little vibes that are compact and full of vibrating energy. Bullet vibrators are shaped much like a traditional vibrator only smaller, resembling very closely to a bullet. Egg vibrators are shaped a bit differently, usually like an egg or a teardrop. Regardless the difference in shape and size, bullet and egg vibrators prove that size doesn't always matter. These small and handy toys are one of the most popular adult products. Bullets and eggs can be used for stimulation of various erogenous zones.


Bullet vibrators are one of the smallest sex toys, but they can be subtle or powerful, depending on the type of stimulation you need. Some models have a remote control with various levels of vibrating strength. Egg vibrators are a bit larger than vibrator bullets and they can be used internally and externally. They come with various pulsating and vibrating functions. Egg vibrators and Bullet vibrators can be used to massage the clitoris and vagina, and men can use them to stimulate testicles or penis head. Some types of egg vibrators can be used for anal stimulation, or you can use them for nipple massage. Bullets and Eggs are so versatile they are often included in other types of sex toys, such as cock rings or masturbators, to provide additional stimulation and enhance your pleasure.


On a precautionary note, the small size of bullet vibrators and their lack of a cord or wire make it unwise to insert a bullet vibrator into your vagina or anus as it might be difficult to retrieve it afterwards. One should also never use a regular egg vibrator to stimulate your anus as there is a chance that the cord will break and you will be unable to retrieve the vibe. However, there are special egg vibrators that come with a strong cord or wire that are intended for anal use - just pay attention to the product description.


What are Remote Control Bullets?

Remote controlled bullets are just as they sound, a bullet vibrator with a remote. The remote allows you to easily change speed and vibration patterns. Some bullet vibrators are connected by a thin wire to a remote contol that has multiple speed options. While others are completely wireless and are great fun when you "wear" the vibrator and give your lover the remote. Other enhancements for these tiny turbos include textured sleeves that can be slipped over them, providing unique sensations every time. Other attachments include clitoral stimulators, but really, these accessories aren't limited to the clitoris, they can be used to excite the nipples, your backdoor area or any place that needs some sexual attention.


Bullets are so small and sleek, so why not stock up on several? They can be used all over your body to tease, arouse and satisfy your every desire, and they're so small and discreet, so you can slip them into your handbag or wallet and take them wherever you go.

This article was published on Tuesday 08 January, 2013.
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